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Cloud Patterns: The Vortex Effect - Part II Final
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

Once in the Deep Texture Editor [DTE], the instructions to complete
this tutorial are the same for Bryce 4 & Bryce 3D users.

Deep Texture Editor First, click on the
Noise Dialog [#1].

Once the Noise palette pops up, click in the green area [#2] of the palette to edit the noise.

Then change the Noise Type and Mode [#3] to Vortex Noise and Maximum by clicking on each and making your selection from the pop-up menu.

NOTE: Prior to the change, Time Random and Standard were the type and mode.
[see screenshot]

For the final step, please pay careful attention to the instuctions
for the position of the camera and the horizon to achieve the proper effect.

Default Bryce Screen 1 The screenshot to the left shows the basic Bryce default screen.
[Director's View]

Note the position of the camera and the horizon line.

Camera Trackball Locate the Camera Trackball control.

Click the center
of the trackball.
["X" marks the spot!]

Then slowly drag up and to the right.

Default Bryce Screen 1 This screenshot shows the correct position of the camera and horizon after dragging your mouse.

NOTE: This position is critical for the cloud pattern to appear properly in the sky.

And there you have it.
The image below and "Hurricane Skies" were made using this technique.
Of course neither may look like what you came up with. I changed many of the
values discussed during this tutorial.....but that's what a tutorial is all about.
Learn the technique and then change it to make it your own.

Bryce 3's Environmental Attributes



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