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Using DEM's in Bryce 4 - Part II
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4

Now we're ready to import the DEM.

Open Bryce, select the File Menu and click on Import Object.
Then locate & select rocky_mount-e.dem and wait for Bryce to process.

Imported DEM

As you can see from the image above,
once the file is imported it looks flat and uninteresting.

Edit Palette

Resized DEM Select the Edit Palette.
Dragging 'Right' on the Y axis will cause the DEM to grow similarly to the image on the left.......Now it's beginning to look like something.

You may also want to Enlarge the DEM, change its position or try dragging on the X or Z axis to change the shape. I'll leave this up to your discretion.

Give the DEM a texture, add a sky, some water or whatever you decide,
and you should get an image similar to the one below.

Rocky Mountain

TIP: Rendered DEM's tend to have sharp edges.
You may want to enter the Terrain Editor and add some Erosion,
Blur, Noise or one of those new Bryce 4 Fractal filters.

~ The image "Hurricane Skies" uses the same DEM from this tutorial
and a custom sky created in Bryce 4's Sky Lab. ~

In the final part of this tutorial, I'll discuss how to use SDTS/DEM files.


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