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Red Giants for Space Scenes - Part II
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

Now we're ready to create the Red Giant.

Sphere #1 Create a sphere.
The exact position and size will be left up to you.
Just remember that you want it fairly large.

Edit Palette

Red Giant Preset Select the Edit Palette, click on the inverted triangle, and choose Galactic Red Giant from the category where you imported the presets earlier.

Note: After applying this material, you may see a seam running from the top to the bottom of the sphere on the right side. If so, rotate the sphere counterclockwise a bit on the Y axis, and it should disappear.

The next step is to create the glow effect around the Red Giant.

Sphere for Red Giant Glow Duplicate sphere #1 by pressing CTRL-D on your keyboard.
[z D for Mac]

Enlarge the duplicated sphere. The size of sphere #2 will determine the amount of glow around your planet.

Edit Palette

Flat White Preset With sphere #2 still selected, click on the Edit Palette, and choose Flat White from the Simple & Fast category.

Now click on next to the selected sphere to enter the Materials Lab.


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