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Creating Planets with Rings - Part III Final
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

Select Texture Source Editor Now comes the fun part.

Take a deep breath ...

Click on the pale pink button to enter the Deep Texture Editor.

Deep Texture Editor You will notice that I have changed the colors in Component 1 so that my rings will match the color scheme of my image. The grey to black areas showing in the preview window will be the transparent areas or spacing of your rings.

Dragging your mouse in the Filter Palette window will increase or decrease the space between your rings.

Dragging the slider control in the Noise Palette will also do the same. This control is very sensitive so go slow.

Changing the noise to RND Linear [see image below] will create irregular rings.

Select RND Linear When you click on the green area in the upper left-hand corner of the Noise Palette
[see image above],
the Noise Dialog will pop up.

Click on the Noise Type, and you will get a pop-up menu.

Select RND Linear.

The above instructions are the most challenging part of the tutorial.
Quite a bit of tweaking will have to be done to get the desired effect.
You may want to apply & quick render a few times to see what you have.
Stick with it and you should achieve results like the image below.

Ringed Planet

Alien Outpost I and Planet Krypton
were created using variations of this tutorial.



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