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Creating Planets with Rings - Part II
A tutorial for PC or Mac using Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

Edit Palette

Moon Lava 2 Material Selcet Sphere #1 Select Sphere #1 and assign it a material. I used Moon Lava II from the Edit palette-->Miscellaneous materials.

Now click on M to the right of the sphere to enter the Materials Lab.

Materials Lab Once in the Materials Lab, make sure that the planet texture has no ambience, transparency or reflection. Use a lot of diffusion and some specularity.

Add some bump height, but be careful not to add too much. You may have to tweak it a few times to get the desired effect.

Edit Palette

Dali Bee Stripes Material Select Sphere #2 Select Sphere #2 and assign a material to it as well. I chose
Dali Bee Stripes from the Edit palette-->Wild & Fun materials. Due to the alpha channel present, this will create the magic which
will become the rings.

Now click on M to the right of the sphere to enter the Materials Lab.

Material Options - Fuzzy Texture Mapping Mode - Spherical In the Materials Lab, set the Material Options to Fuzzy to soften the edges of the rings.

Set the Texture Mapping Mode to Spherical. Other modes that may work -- Parametric or Cylindrical.


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