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The Crow

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The Crow 18 inch Action Figure by NECA

The Crow 18" Action Figure
  • Eric Draven as The Crow - 18 inch Action Figure from the movie, The Crow
  • Very highly detailed and poseable
  • 12 points of articulation
  • Includes "crow" and "ring necklace" accessories
  • Motion activated sound chip with 5 phrases from the film

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    The Crow Rooftop Box Set
    The Crow Rooftop Box Set
    A Crow 7-inch figure, a Top Dollar 7-inch figure,
    the rooftop platform, a removable weather vane, and additional accessories.

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    The Crow - Collector's Series Boxed Set
    The Crow
    Collector's Series

    3 Movie Boxed Set

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