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Robocop 18-inch Action Figure by NECA

Robocop 18-inch Action Figure by NECARobocop 18-inch Action Figure by NECA

Robocop 18-inch Talking Action Figure
  • Robocop Action Figure from Robocop
  • 18 inch
  • The most detailed movie accurate sculpt yet
  • Multiple points of articulation include a ball-jointed neck, shoulders, and hips; bendable elbows and knees, swivel wrists and pivoting ankles with working pistons.
  • Auto-9 accessory machine pistol
  • Robocop will speak numerous lines of movie dialogue: "Serve the Public Trust", "Protect the Innocent", "Uphold the Law", "Your Move Creep", "Dead or Alive You're Coming With Me", "Come Quietly or There Will Be Trouble", "Clarence Boddicker, You Are Under Arrest", "Thank You for Your Cooperation, Good Night"

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    Robocop Revolver Prop Replica
    Robocop Revolver
    Prop Replica
    14 inches long

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    Robocop Trilogy Robocop 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition


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    20th Anniversary
    Collector's Edition


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