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Tip #3 - Model Smoothing
for PC or Mac users of Bryce 4 or Bryce 3.1

After you've been using Bryce for awhile, no doubt
you'll want to import some models into your scenes.

Once you render your image, and upon careful inspection,
you may notice rough, sharp angles on some of these imported objects.
In the beginning, it's very easy to miss this detail.

Here's a quick tip for smoothing out those imported wireframe meshes.

Example - wireframe dolphins Select the mesh and locate the row of buttons next to the model.

Click on the E button to bring up the Mesh Editor.

Mesh Editor Click on the Smooth button [#1] and wait for Bryce to process.

It may take several passes to smooth the object depending on the complexity of the mesh.

Additional Tips
Smoothing only seems to work well on .DXF and .3DMF meshes.
You would probably not want to use this on objects like stones,
and some objects will actually look better if they are unsmoothed [#2].
Adjusting the amount of smoothing can be accomplished by dragging
on the gauge [#3], however the default setting usually works pretty well.

Before example Before smoothing.

Inspect each dolphin and you will see the ugly sharp angles.
After example After smoothing .....

the angles and roughness disappear. This gives the dolphins a more natural look.


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