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Free Models & Other Stuff

3D Cafe The ultimate resource for computer graphic artists ... royalty-free models in many different formats.
3D Commune Similar to Renderosity.com, where members have access to a variety of free stuff for Bryce, Poser and more. Membership is free!
Free stuff for Poser.
Membership is free!
DAZ 3D Weekly Free Model. Mostly free stuff for Poser ... Michael 3.0 Base and Victoria 3.0 Base, clothing, poses, hair, furniture, buildings, other assorted goodies. Limited free items for Bryce also.
Evelio's Babylon 5 3D Model Index An index of Babylon 5 models on the Net, mostly links to other sites, formats include DXF, 3DS, TrueSpace, POV-Ray, LWO.
Renderosity Members have access to a plethora of free stuff for a variety of applications including Bryce, Poser and others. Membership is free!
Sci-Fi 3D:
The Ultimate 3D
Sci-Fi Resource
Many excellent sci-fi related models in 3DS format that can be used in Bryce.
Tobor's Classic
Sci-Fi Models
Dalek, Robby the Robot, Tardis, Robot from Lost in Space, and many more.

Free Poser & DAZ|Studio Content

DAZ Studio 1.0 - Free Download DAZ Studio - Free Download
DAZ|Studio 1.0

"Unleash the artist within! Available free, DAZ|Studio
is a fun, powerful, feature rich 3D figure posing and
animation tool. Whether you're just getting started in
3D, or are an avid 3D artist and enthusiast, DAZ|Studio
will allow you to express yourself in 3D like never before."

Download Your FREE Software Now!
DAZ Studio - Free Download

Michael 3.0 Base Victoria 3.0 Base
Michael 3.0 Base
Mac or PC

Was $39.95
On Sale: FREE!
Victoria 3.0 Base
Mac or PC

Was $39.95
On Sale: FREE!

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